There is no greater joy than helping someone in need.

Someone less fortunate than ourselves.

Every day, thousands of deserving children around the world are turned away from opportunities that would help them blossom. Help them grow into well-rounded individuals who make a positive contribution to society.


The most common factor that prevents such deserving children from actualizing their potential is poverty. The lack of basic resources and the near absence of social support systems.

That’s where ElloWhale Education comes in.

ElloWhale Education, supported by a global software engineering company, Zuci Systems, aims to fill this crucial gap in children’s education by assisting meritorious children at turning points of their learning journey.

The ElloWhale coaching centre facility will offer world-class education in Math and Science to financially weak students, completely free of cost. Classes will be conducted by top notch teachers, who match the best tutors available in the city. We will act as a bridge to overcome the financial constraints that prevent such students from gaining access to high-quality coaching and mentoring.

ElloWhale Education will ensure that all the financial requirements of these underprivileged students such as fees, uniforms, text books, and other expenses are met.

We believe that education at the grassroots level can be a powerful transformative force in society.  

To open the doors of opportunity to underprivileged children, please contact us

60/4, Ground Floor, 11th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600083

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